Oakmoss Press is a small-scale publishing initiative founded by Nóra Békés and Mark Stephen Mullee. Beyond publishing their first joint book Among Oak, Oakmoss Press serves as a platform for their ongoing and future projects, such as the Terrestrial Talebook, and as an archive of their artistic research practice. The Oakmoss Press projects investigate the possibilities of entangled storytelling through co-creation of images and texts in a process-based approach, combining narrative experimentation, poetry, illustration and typography.

Nóra Békés is a Rotterdam (NL) based graphic designer, visual storyteller, design researcher and educator. Her work focuses on typography, type design and illustration, mostly applied in publication design and exhibition design. Her main interest lies in the creation of multi-layered narratives through the entanglement of text, typography, image and materiality. She published her former research on the use of archive material in contemporary type design in Reviving Type in 2019 with Céline Hurka, which they presented in Tokyo at the ATypI 2019 conference. Her current research explores the possibilities of including more-than-human perspectives into her graphic design practice.

Mark Stephen Mullee is a writer, researcher, and educator in the Dutch public school system, engaged in inclusive, non-authoritarian, and ecological pedagogies that broaden narrative possibilities both in literature and in the classroom. In the Netherlands his educational research focuses on creative writing as an empathic tool for the “creative reading” of texts, while his most recent literary research, presented in Mexico City, focuses on the role of critical pedagogies in literature. His creative work has been published in Poetry Ireland Review, among other literary journals and anthologies.